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Price overview for companies


With just one application, you can reach all of the companies involved. This increases your job opportunities.

cleverheads is free. Access via invitation only.


Make it easier for your talented people to land a job and keep your expertise in the region.

cleverheads is free for you. Please note the recommendation premium.


Use the potential of strong applicants and finance your recruitment costs.

Please note the price and premiums overview.

Prices for companies

Annual fee

Company size

(per year plus VAT)

for all companies

36 €


  • Performing the initial setup
  • Use of the platform & all further development
  • Compliance with data protection standards
  • Support

Recommendation premium

Paying the premium

When an applicant is hired, companies pay a premium based on their annual salary.

Employee’s future
annual salary

Recommendation premium
(plus VAT)

up to 20000 €

300 €

20001 - 40000 €

900 €

40001 - 60000 €

1500 €

above 60000 €

1800 €

Receiving the premium

Companies and educational partners receive a premium for their recommendations.

Annual salary
of the recommended applicant

Recommendation premium
(plus VAT)

up to 20000 €

150 €

20001 - 40000 €

450 €

40001 - 60000 €

750 €

above 60000 €

900 €


cleverheads has been awarded several times: 2012 Distinct Place & nominated federal winner 2013 Human Ressources Excellence Award


Do you have questions? You will find answers in our Help area. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us in person via the Contact area.


  • Guaranteed data privacy

    Applicants independently upload their documents. No data are saved before they do so.

  • Server location: Germany

    The cleverheads servers are and will remain in a computer centre in Germany.